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He was lathering under my boobs and in my butt crack among other things.He was particularly gentle with my swollen outer pussy lips that were so puffy, they nearly hid my inner labia.I crawled in the bed between he and Karla like a daughter afraid of a storm.In his soft scratchy morning voice, Patrick welcomed me, "Good morning Princess," causing the sleeping Karla to stir and eventually lean over and give me a good morning kiss as well.I am about to bust," and moved to get out of the bed. Patrick's body finally went limp before I raised up.

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Even though it was recovering from the previous day's trauma, his rubbing was also feeling good and started to work me up.

He would even dip his tongue into my asshole where his own cum and pee were running out.

With Patrick being so nasty and free made me cum very quickly.

That and I have to piss very bad." We lay there, ran our hands all over each other as we talked about the previous night before Patrick asked me, "Did you enjoy yourself baby?

Were you OK with everything you did and had done to you?

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