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The on-screen veteran has recently been dedicating his time and energy to Fox's , the 47-year-old actor plays Beaumont Rosewood, aka Rosie, who is Miami's top pathologist.A brilliant, charismatic man, Rosie works alongside the badass Detective Annalise Villa (played by Jaina Lee Ortiz) to solve some of the most challenging cases in Mami. When I met my husband, he didn’t look anything like Morris (He has been mistaken for former NFL star, Donald Driver, though), but that was ok. I was marrying a human being who adored, respected and understood me!Now that Morris Chestnut has stolen the hearts of women all over the world, I hear many single sistas fantasizing about finding a man just like him.

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” This was the way my single girlfriends and I talked to each other after watching a movie with Morris Chestnut in it.

The relationship is hot, heavy and passionate and over almost as quickly as it started. Core values and a shared vision for what you want life to look like with your partner can.

This space is where true passion and a relationship that lasts is created.

The studios wanted to do that and the actors wanted to do that, and ultimately, it sells.” The film follows a woman (Lathan) who is stalked by an ex-boyfriend (Ealy), while a former lover (Chestnut) fights to protect her.

Rosenthal and Williams expect the story to reach all audiences, given its universal theme of dating in a technological age.

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